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About National Tuxedo Rentals

We are the DIRECT Online Tuxedo Rental Company.

We, the folks behind NationalTuxedoRentals.com, have been a tuxedo supplier to more than 2,000 tuxedo stores nationwide, and now make our warehouses available directly to you.   We have known, and been a major part of  the formalwear business for over 50 years, long predating this company. In 2005, as the innovator of online tuxedo rentals, we began to bring our business online with the creation of National Tuxedo Rentals, and have been satisfying our customers ever since. We are a direct supplier, which makes it possible for us to give you discounted prices, top quality designer tuxes, and shipping and product services others attempt to portray on their websites.  Our goal is to make our customers' experiences so positive they select us as their source for quality tuxedos!  Keep reading to see why our customers love us.

National Tuxedo Rentals owns their warehouses, which are located in Trenton, NJ and fully stocked for all of your tuxedo and formalwear needs. NTR’s online tuxedo rental store offers customers in the United States almost everything “tuxedo” they could be looking for.  Browse through the virtual store and you will find 1000’s of items on display that are fully stocked in our warehouses and ready to ship to your home!  

Formal shirts are available in slim, skinny, and regular fits, also pleated shirt and non-pleated shirt options are available, and of course in both lay-down and wing tip collar options, as well as colors. And the choices do not stop there.  NTR is stocked with inventory!!!  Thousands of accessories: self-tie, pre-tied, skinny or wide, ascots, cravats, sharpe's, cummerbunds, vests, cuff links and suspenders,  the latest in shoe collections, hats, canes, gloves, socks…you name it, we have it.   If you do not see it, reach out to us and ask. 

How do you compare to the other online tuxedo stores?

Why don't you see for yourself.  Click here to see choose which tuxedo company is best for your formalwear needs!  We feel we do the best job with online tuxedo rental as we truly care about the fit and quality.  We look over each order submitted.  

Tuxedo Rentals, Delivered to your Doorstep

We get your tuxes to you long before a brick-and-mortar rental company would. At least 10-14 days before your event, you have tuxes in your hand. That's enough time to get any replacement in case of a misfit, or change at absolutely no charge to you. If any change is needed, you do not even return the items you have until after the event, we just ship a new one right away for you.  In the meantime, there are no lines, no waiting, no traveling for measurements, pickups, exchanges, or returns. You place the order at home, the tuxedos come to your house, you wear them to your event, put them back in the box, and then ship them back.  

We Make It So Easy to Rent

You don't need to know a thing about tuxedos to rent one from us.  You may also purchase your rental tuxedo from NTR if you choose, before, or even after your event if you like. When you use our online tuxedo package builder, we walk you through each step. It's the easiest and fastest way to rent a tuxedo online. If you would like us to help walk you through, just call us toll free 1-888-348-4547, or email us info@nationaltuxedorentals.com, or chat with us online through our website live messenger.

Top Quality Products | Wholesale Prices - Save up to $40.00 per tuxedo rental!

With sixty (60) complete tuxedo packages starting at just $159.00 with free shipping both ways included and no security deposit or tax.  If you prefer a more typical shopping experience, and want to browse by category and build your rental package manually, our à la carte rental products are priced extremely well too.  Additionally, we offer top quality rental tuxedos at discount prices.  The price is a bonus, what you receive from us is the security of knowing it will be right and being able to make any adjustment quickly if needed as we own our warehousing facilities and National Tuxedo Rental customers always come first.  With millions of dollars of tuxedos and accessories in stock within 30,000 square feet of warehousing buildings, we are sure to please!     

Over 3,500 Different Formalwear Products and Counting

Slim Fit, Skinny Fit, Modern Fit, Traditional Fit, we have everyone covered.  We have over 3,500 different products in our store with new items coming in each month! We have the largest selection of vest and neckwear collections you will find, available in up to 75 colors per collection! We also have 31 styles of tuxedo shirts to choose from, pantscummerbundsshoes and more!  Our selection is absolutely incredible, and just keeps growing.

Tuxedo Rentals For Any Event or Group - Wedding Specialists

Weddings, Civil Unions, Anniversary Parties

We are a great source for tuxedo rentals for any size wedding in any location nationwide. Our easy to use online store will help you find what you need for your groomsmen, ushers, ring bearer, and fathers. Check out our Wedding Manger and register your wedding party. You'll find great peace of mind getting your tuxes 10-14 days before your wedding for try on. That's way more time than a rental store would usually give you, and leaves you with plenty of room to handle the finer details of your special day. If you're looking to perfect your color selection, or want to see your exact colors choices, try our "Match My Color Tool" to find the perfect match to your dress.  You may also click the Order Swatch" Button and order the actual material swatches. Also with No Security Deposits and No Taxes just keep adding to the savings.  

Proms, Semi-Formals, High School Bands, and Homecomings

Our tuxedos are great for proms. With tons of style and color tuxedo and accessory options, you can really stand out and make an impression, and/or match your date's attire. We have stylish tuxes in various ranges of quality and prices that will suit your particular needs. Our prices are great and very student-friendly.  If you would like to do a fund raiser with us for your high school, call and let us know.  

Quinceanera and Bar Mitzvah

Nail the formal look for you or your young adult's Bar Mitzvah or Quinceanera celebration. You'll have your tux(es) 10-14 days early, so you will be well prepared for this important life event.


A Little Tux-Bit About the Owner

Al CardiThe owner of the National Tuxedo Rentals is enthusiastic about bringing this online formalwear experience into your home.  Alfred “Al” Cardi, a tuxedo business native, along with many of his staff, are more than happy to accommodate you for your wedding, prom, or any other event.   Styles come in Regular Fit, the popular Modern Fit, the popular Slim Fit, and also the European Slim Fit (also known as Skinny Fit tuxedo. 

Al Cardi has spent all of his life developing an expertise in formal wear rental and retail. As a young adult he worked in the family warehouse, and he is proud that he has experience in the business from the ground up.  Al believes that the experience for the customer starts from the time the order is placed.  National Tuxedo Rentals has fine-tuned the ordering process so the customer can enjoy   their shopping experience in the most efficient way.   At Al’s direction, National Tuxedo Rentals boasts quality control that is second to none.  Our employees put your tuxedo ensemble together with pride, knowing that we are successful when you feel like a million bucks!  Al devotes substantial resources to staff training, so that we know the product we deliver is not just a package, it is an experience.

National Tuxedo Rentals’ accessory palettes match the most popular gown manufacturers in the United States to the smallest boutiques in the region.  What you might not know is that Al Cardi comes from a whole family in the tuxedo business which means that shoppers benefit from over 50 years of collective experience.  When he talks about the business, his eyes light up. He explains how it all started with his maternal grandmother and now Al together with his wife and five children each participate in the business which “keeps them close”.  From conversation you know that he is a family man, he barely goes longer than a minute without expressing his gratitude for being able to work at a business that he loves spanning three generations. In fact, many of the benefits of this family’s knowledge reach the customer in a very visible way.  The Cardi’s pull together resources and work to make sure the inventory is stocked with the latest fashion and color trends.

A Little Tux-Bit About the Staff

When talking with the NTR staff, it will become apparent that they take servicing the customer very seriously. National Tuxedo Rentals can accommodate any special occasion from a Winter Dance to the Academy Awards.  Other popular events that come to mind include Weddings, Proms, Quinceańeras, Bar Mitzvahs, Communions, Civil Union Ceremonies, and Black Tie events.  NTR carries full tuxedo and accessory lines for both children and adults.  Adult coat sizes go up to size 80XL, vests up to 8XL, and shoe sizes all the way up to 20.  Customers can expect staff that is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is right.

We love what we do!  National Tuxedo Rentals is serious about delivering a quality product at a price that they really can afford. “We recognize that almost everyone is feeling the pinch economically… and we are committed to giving our customers great service at the very best prices."  And that’s a promise! 

 Company Information

Main Warehouse Location:

100 Ward Avenue

Trenton, NJ 08609

Contact Information:

NTR Phone:

To contact us by phone, please call toll free +1 888 348 4547   anytime.  Our normal warehouse hours are 10am - 9pm EST but we are available 24 hours to answer any questions for you. 

NTR Email:

To contact us by email, please use the form on our contact page

NTR Online Chat:

To contact us via online chat, please click the "Start Chat" button in the bottom right of the screen. A Specialist is available for Online Chat from 10am - 10pm EST everyday of the week.

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